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JCPenney Survey At Www.JCPenney.Com/Survey

    Www.JCPenney.Com Survey is the website printed on purchase receipts to take JCPenney Survey or TalkToJCPenney. By taking the store receipt survey, you have a chance to get $10 OFF or enter a $500 Gift Card, Sweepstakes.

    What is the most important thing for you to have? Some will say clothes, and some will say jewelry, whereas others will say food and water. And all of these answers are right.

    So, everyone wants different things to hang onto in life. But what if they wish to have all these things? It would help if you went to a place where you can find everything you hang onto in life.

    JCPenney store front view

    You can get everything from jewelry and clothes to food and furniture in a mall.

    And guess what?

    JCPenney is conducting a guest feedback survey for all its customers to know their opinion on the store and the products they sell. Please read this article to learn more about their survey and the prize if you win it.

    Www.JcPenney.Com/Survey To Win A $500 Gift Card

    Everyone wants a change in their surroundings and how others react to them, including the JCPenney stores’ customers. TalkToJCPenney understands how its customers feel and how to improve its facilities.

    That is the primary motive for conducting a survey and seeing what changes people want in the stores and articles they sell.

    jcpenney store survey frontside

    And what’s better than taking a survey and getting a chance to win something in return? This survey is not only for the company but for the customers as well.

    Customers have opportunities to win 15% Off or $10 Off Coupons in return. So you not only have a chance to win vouchers but also have a chance to visit a better store in the coming future.

    jcpenney store receipt

    Enter 22-Digit Access Code:

    JCPenney Survey Rules

    So, how to enter the survey? That might be the question you’re thinking about right now. So, please read the rules given below to know how you can take part in the first feedback survey-

    1. The participant must be 18 and above.
    2. No purchase is required to enter the survey.
    3. The prize is non-transferable and can’t be substituted for anything else.
    4. The employees of the store cannot enter the survey.
    5. The winners will be informed by mail.

    Do you meet all the above criteria? Great! You are eligible to take part in the customer survey sweepstakes. But, there are certain things required to participate in the survey. Please keep reading to know what the requirements are to enter the survey.

    How To Participate In Www.JcPenney.Com Survey?

    1. A receipt of the last purchase in the JCPenney store.
    2. Internet access to take the survey.
    3. You should know how to read and write English or Spanish.

    Do you have all these things? Yes, that’s awesome. You have all the requirements to take part in the survey. And you’re eligible too.

    You can take part in the survey only through the online method. And a receipt will be needed to take part in the survey. homepage
    1. Firstly, go to the following website at
    2. Secondly, select your preferred language (English or Spanish).
    3. Now, enter the 22-digit verification code. You will find it on the receipt.
    4. Further, click next to continue.
    5. In the next step, you will see the questionnaire on the screen. Answer all the questions and submit them.
    6. After answering all the questions, enter your email address to participate in the JCPenney survey sweepstakes.
    7. Finally, they will inform you about your entry to the sweepstakes through your email address.

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    About JCPenney

    JCPenney Company Inc has more than 90,000 employees and is an American mid-scale corporation with more than 689 department stores in 49 US and Puerto Rico locations.

    They sell several things in the JCPenney mall. Some things are jewelry, clothes, furniture, merchandise, electronics, footwear, etc.

    James Cash Penny and William Henry are the founders of this fantastic place JCPenney. Most of its stores were built downtown before 1966 but in the second half of the 20th century.

    The malls became quite prominent, so they started remodeling and relocating their stores to the other part where it was more noticeable. And today, as we speak, JCPenney is doing great and has more customers daily.


    That’s all about the JCPenney survey sweepstakes. It is a great place, and its will to improve has no bounds. So, if you’re a customer of their mall, then go and take this survey right now.

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