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MyBKExperiece Survey Free Whopper 2021

Mybkexperience (www.mybkexperience.com) is the official website to take the Burger King survey online and get a free whopper in 2021. Let’s talk about the survey which Burger King is conducting. In this article, we’ll talk about the survey sweepstake and how to participate in it.

Welcome to the My BURGER KING® Experience Survey.

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Burger King values your candid feedback and appreciates you taking the time to complete our survey. When you finish, you will be given a validation code to write in the space provided on your invitation.

But one of the most famous fast food items is the burger. It has many things like patties, onions, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, etc., into a bun. People have mayonnaise or ketchup with it as it increases the taste of this beautiful dish.

Acing this dish with their creativity and imagination is a company called “Burger King.” I am sure that most of you already know about this successful company that is one of the biggest companies in making revenue. Some of you might have Burger King as your go-to restaurant to eat. And I can’t blame you for that. It is very exquisite.

MyBKExperience Survey To Win Free Whopper 2021

As you already know that Burger King is executing a survey for all of its customers and trying to get feedback on their services. Did you visit their restaurant a while ago? Is something about their place bugging you? If yes, then taking this survey is a must for you.

mybkexperience survey free whopper

You have a chance to help them know how to improve their services so that the next time you visit them, they can make you happier than ever and you gain the satisfaction you deserve. And this survey has a special reward just for your kindness. If you survey their restaurants, you can win a whopper, their signature burger for free. Isn’t that great? Follow the guidelines carefully to know if you’re eligible to participate or not and the process to participate in the survey sweepstakes.

Rules & Eligibility For My BK Experience Survey

So, to participate in the Mybkexperience survey, there are specific rules and regulations that you need to follow. You also need to be eligible for participation. Please read the given directions and eligibility rules to participate in the survey.

  • You need to be 18 years and above.
  • The customer must be a legal US citizen.
  • Any employer or employee working at Burger King cannot participate in the survey.
  • Have a valid receipt from your last visit to Burger King.
  • Take the survey within the given time phrase.
  • You can only participate once with one receipt.
  • Choose English or Spanish to take the Mybkexperience Survey. Hence, you should know either English or Spanish to get a free Whopper.

Steps To Take MyBKExperience Survey

Now you should be able to participate in the survey if you’re eligible for participation. You should know how to enter the survey. And don’t worry, do the following steps to participate in the survey.

Go to the official survey website, www.mybkexperience.com.

While taking the Burger King survey, English, Español, & Français languages are available to choose from.

Enter the restaurant number available on the top of your purchase receipt.

mybkexperience survey receipt

After this, you can view the questionnaire with a rating scale. Your questions might be about the menu items’ prices, the quality of the food, cleanliness maintained in the place, etc.

After finishing the survey, you will get the reward redeems code.

You have to write it down on your receipt and use it on your next visit to get a free Whopper.

About Burger King Free Whopper Survey

Headquartered in Miami-Dade County, Florida, Burger King is an American burger fast food restaurant chain. In 1953, Insta-Burger King found Burger King’s food restaurant. After facing some financial problems, David Edgerton and James McLamore, two of Burger King’s Miami-based franchises, bought the company.

With restaurants in more than 17,000 locations, Burger King is serving its delicious and magnificent burger globally and making more than 1,970,000,000 dollars in the United States itself (based on a 2012 revenue report).

With more and more buyers every day, they started having more and more menu items as well. They began selling beverages, fries along with their burgers which made people attracted to their services. The “whopper” was the first addition to their menu in 1957, which is now considered the signature dish of Burger King.


While some of them did very well in the foreign market, they failed miserably in the American market. As we all know that all businesses have their set of successes and failures. Not giving up and keep going is the only option left for us to do when we are in these situations, and that’s precisely what they did too. Now, you can see how well known they are all over the world.

That’s all about the Burger King customer survey. You can take the survey and help them improve their place for the better. And in return, you can get a whopper burger and enjoy your meal as well. Please take the survey and comment on your experience the last time you visited their restaurant. If you liked this article, be sure to like it and share it with others.

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